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Ok! I just posted on etsy forums and asked a question of what would one improve in my item descriptions to make it more appealing and desirable to buy?

The issue is that I get many views that don't translate into sales.... i think descriptions could possibly help in this area...

I got many compliments about my work (thank you soooo very much! I really appreciate it), but no suggestions :(

Maybe you could help? Any suggestion would be very, very much appreciated!

Thank you!


my shop:


The only thing that jumps out at me is the fact that the descriptions are fairly long ... maybe people aren't taking the time to read through it all?

I don't think it is your descriptions as much as it is that art is so personal and the right buyer has to find the perfect piece.  Prime example is our painting of is perfect for us and the room after looking forever in person and on line and never finding just the right one.  With art, more than anything else, you really have to make sure you expose yourself to as many potential buyers as possible.


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