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Has anyone made a sale through twitter.???

Yes, yes, and yes.  We have found that twitter will definitely bring traffic and without people you can't make sales.  I know that I have had sales as a direct result of twitter posts.

Thank you for your quick response.. 8) Have a great Sunday…Dora

Yes I did. And I also meet my best etsy/facebook friends there too and one very talented writer wrote a story on my painting.... it works, but it takes time to connect, so one tweet won't do too much. Also, try to engage in conversations, reply to questions, post interesting links (not just your items) ..... hope this helps :-)

Thank you.  I don't just tweet my stuff I tried to twit articles and sites.. I have not had conversations with but one person… I have to get over my shyness…  :( All your pictures are beautiful I love the ones with the birds..


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