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OK, so I have just learned how to StumbleUpon something but I seem to be having some trouble with the program.  It appears as though it is not registering everything that I click to rate.  It lets me fill out the whole tag line and click on the button but then I get a blank Stumble window and when I check the info for the page I just rated it shows no info.

I uninstalled the add on/ re installed it, tried it a few more times and still the same thing.  Any thoughts or advice?  I am running firefox with the Stumble add on.

I'm sorry, I have no earthly idea.  I'll be watching for the answer so I can learn, too!

I use the same set up. Firefox with a stumbleupon addon.
I just click the thumbs up and add my review then I click on the star on the toolbar which takes you to your favorites.

Maybe your not logged in to stumbleupon?
I only logged in once that's it I never have to login again as if remembers my credentials.

Not sure if that helps.

No but thanks anyway.  I'm logged in and sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't.   It quit working every time when I hit 33 stumbles last night.  I'm going to try uninstalling it again and maybe even Firefox too.

Dad burnit.

 :P You broke it!


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