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HAF Etsy Team and HAF Artfire Guild Membership Requirements
« on: August 10, 2009, 09:23:18 PM »
To join the HAF Etsy team see this thread,822.0.html and the Artfire guild this thread,1076.0.html

I'm putting up this post to state the Handmade Artists' Forum stance in regards to participation requirements in the forum to be a team or guild member in good standing. This has come up in several pm's that some team members are concerned with people joining the team and not participating in the forum or in team promotion on the respective venues.

I believe this is a team  issue and should be handled on a team or guild level. Every organization I have ever been involved in has been the same, 10%  of the people do the brunt of the work and 90% lay back. Some times the 10% moves around amongst the group and others participate more and so on.

So the only suggestion HAF has in this regards is be patient as team and guild leaders with those that you feel are just trying to get some free promotion, they may come around and remember that people have lives and stuff happens.

Karma goes a long way and what comes around goes around so those that participate will hopefully be getting the brunt of the team and guilds promotion efforts.

Please use this thread to comment on this issue if you feel the need to and if necessary come up with group policies and post them in your respective group areas.

Please just remember to be sensitive to others and once again realize that people have lives.

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Re: HAF Etsy Team and HAF Artfire Guild Membership Requirements
« Reply #1 on: August 12, 2009, 01:12:30 AM »
I'm going to go ahead and state my view on this partially because I was surprised that this was an issue and also because it came up in our meeting tonight.

I feel I have a right to speak because I am part of the 10% thats working on behalf of the Etsy street team.
I volunteered to organize the promotion aspect - for two reasons.
1) I knew I could do it
2) I wanted to

I believe in Karma and I believe that by helping other I will help myself.
I also know that we grew soooo quickly and sooo greatly that not every one who joined knew where they could fit in. Or how exactly to start. Some are probably still trying to figure out the dynamics....

I'm not so worried about non-participation right now. We're still getting the word out - our team members are still learning the ropes and checking out all the sites and getting to know one and other.

And yes, people have lives, they have families and work and businesses to attend to.
I've got my promoting for Spread the Love down to 15 min a night, and then sporadically through the day, Tweeting, Rting, and commenting when I get a chance.

On the weekend I take a few min to pull shop names, check to make sure they're active, post in the team forum and send a pm to the shop owners.

I like that it's random and I've been getting a neat mix of new and older members and the new members seem a bit flattered that they're included - But that's what is so wonderful about this team, We have this unspoken open-arm policy - where we take you as you are, unconditionally....

or maybe that's just my perspective - I tend to wear the rose-colored glasses...

I don't really want to require that people do x,y, & z - I'd rather people do it because they want to -
If we require it, it becomes a chore, work, something to be dreaded,
I consider this a labor of love, I enjoy meeting the artist, viewing their art, reading their blogs and tweets - I think my life is better because I choose to do this.

I committed to do this and I make time for it, not everyone has that luxury- I have seen more and more artist join in the game of Spread the Love as the weeks have progressed and I'm sure more will join in in the future!

Some may be sporadic but that's okay - Remember Rt other members tweets count because we all have different followers! The purpose is to gain exposure for the shops, the team, and the forum.

I suppose in 6 months we may have to evaluate our list of member and contact non participating members to see if they're still interested but right now we've been at this for 6 weeks- in a semi organized fashion.

I think we should focus on encouraging participation instead of punishing non- participation!

I'll get off my soapbox now - you've heard my two cents. if you've even read this far! lol!

I suppose if we are going to have a more indepth conversation -and i welcome it - we might want to start a thread in the Team space! so as not to bore the rest of the community!

Heather - HAF Etsy Street Team Promotions Chair

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Re: HAF Etsy Team and HAF Artfire Guild Membership Requirements
« Reply #2 on: August 12, 2009, 08:18:57 PM »
Well said both of you. Bravo