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General Board Rules
« on: April 15, 2009, 11:00:22 AM »
This is a free board and the intention is for social networking among whoever wants to participate, please show some courtesy to each other. Please no fowl language and or pornographic photos.
The idea is just to have fun and be polite and helpful. Also if you are given constructive criticism take it for what it is someones opinion, who knows they may be right, lets just keep the atmosphere polite and constructive.
Links in and out of the forum are encouraged, if you want to promote your blog go right ahead but don't be scared to promote the forum also.
As I stated above this is a free open forum and will stay free as long as I can afford it. If the server space starts to cost too much I may put a donation button on it at some point and time. One dollar a month would go far, but for now I hope to not have to request any donations.
Enjoy and have fun.