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Possible tutorials in the future
« on: August 02, 2009, 09:27:50 AM »
I have a few ideas for tutorials, and I figured I'd mention them here and see what other people might be interested in. Of course to, if anyone is interested in something I'm not thinking of feel free to bring it up (my DA gallery is a good place to see what sorts of things I can do). Plus to if there are any specific points/questions anyone has about a particular tut topic that's good to know as well so I can make sure to mention it in said tut. (I am aiming for things that aren't already easily covered in tutorials out there on the net).

Beaded lace style necklace/bracelet - I made this set almost 2 years ago, and would like to get back into more bead stitching. When I was in middle school I bought a necklace like this (for all of $12 which seamed expensive back then with babysitting money) from a local gift shop which has been closed for years now. I ended up figuring out how to make them on my own, as the style intrigued me. The one I'd bought was a solid single color, but these are fun to play around with color options. This would be more of a how to rather than a specific pattern, so it would have more options then the "loop" sizes of this one. While this one takes awhile to string all the seed beads, it's a simple style to make.

Intro to wire working - This would be something very basic, for people who've not really worked with wire at all, and might end up in multiple parts depending on what I want to include. I do want to discuss the various tools I use (which I've already got photographed with my cell phone) - introducing them and mentioning what's good to use when. It might also be good to touch on wire gauges and hardness, and maybe a bit on types of metal. Though that might be a smaller section of the tut since I'm more used to copper and aluminum then other metals. (copper is a good starting point, so I suppose it would make a handy part in a beginner tut).

Wire wrapping - This I might do some diagrams and such for, to cover some good things to know when wrapping rather then a series of photographs. It would be fun to share the things that have worked for me with my wraps, and I'd want to write the tut in such a way to encourage creativity in wrapping. There are endless possibilities when wrapping something with wire, so long as it's still 'captured'.

Wire coils - I have the coiling gizmo, and it might be fun to have a short tut on the possibilities with that. I have the basic $10 one which has 2 sizes of mandrills, but I've managed to do a fair amount of different stuff with it. There are some things to keep in mind, especially when using beads in conjunction with it. I had a bead break when making my purple coil drop necklace - part of which came flying back at me. That could have been avoided by letting the beads have some give on the wire while coiling the beaded strand.

Working with bead stringing wire - not sure exactly what direction I'd go with this, but it would be nice to share some things I've learned. Like not having to many strands going through the same crimp when there are some heavier beads on said strands. I'd made a 3 strand necklace awhile back which the stringing wire slid out of the crimp due to the beads being just heavy enough. Having beads down ones shirt isn't fun (there were smaller glass beads in between the larger glass beads).
Oh, I do know I'd want to touch on crimp bead covers in this topic area - like when are good times to use them and times they aren't really needed.

Clay - I might have something with polymer clay at some point. Like creating a marbled texture, and making "cane" style beads. I haven't done tons with clay, mostly because I don't have tons of space here, there is only so much I can do working on an old binder on my lap.
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