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I recently have been asked and others have asked in the forum threads how to make a highlight. So here it goes.....
How to make a HIGHLIGHT

The first purple line on the forum screen, next to "our Mission" is the Highlight, click on that one, a sorta grid pops up with 20 empty squares with small boxes underneath them.
Then you need to open another window with the Handmade forum and on the right hand side on that one, on the right next to products  it gives you option to choose items, colors, schemes etc. Lets say you choose the color red and enter, all items on handmade pop up in red. These are your items to chose from. Of course you can pick another theme.  You copy the link of the item you chose go to the other window, paste it in the small box underneath an empty square and click OK, Bam there is your item, repeat until you have filled all 20 squares.

So you need to open 2 windows to Handmadeartists, one you will use to create the Highlight, where you'll name it, and copy and paste the item links, and the other, so you can select products and copy their links into the Highlight window. Do not confuse the 2 windows, because if you do, you will lose all your work.

Only contact everyone when your highlight is totally done and you have saved it, so you wont lose your highlight.

Before starting I decide on a theme...usually a season, upcoming holiday, colors.  I try to only include one item from each person, so more artists/artisans can be included. When all 20 squares are filled the top is filled in , ie. description etc...
Safe it at the bottom.

Once the Highlight is created and saved, then I go to highlights tab again and open the page, all of the items are there, and I will click on each one in turn, and contact that seller to let them know I've included one of f their item in a new Highlight, and the link. I copy and paste the notification and send it to each seller via their contact link on their shop page. I ask them to visit the page, comment and help promote the highlight, so our work can be seen.

Then I will go to Forums and post the link under the New Highlights Topic, so others will know to go look, comment, etc. I think we all benefit from promoting one another, so I share the Highlights on other sites blog, twitter, etc.

Hope this helps.....

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Re: How to make a Highlight, known by others as "Collection or Treasury"
« Reply #1 on: August 06, 2014, 11:55:01 PM »
very good instructions, don't remember how many times I have gotten confused and lost my highlight work.  oh well, just my old age taking over.

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Re: How to make a Highlight, known by others as "Collection or Treasury"
« Reply #2 on: August 07, 2014, 02:07:40 PM »
Thank you!!!!!!  I have a list of themes that I have thought of & so I just need to sit my butt down here long enough to actually do it.   :-[