Author Topic: How's Twitter working for you??  (Read 12947 times)

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How's Twitter working for you??
« on: July 11, 2014, 12:12:25 PM »
Hi everyone! I just wondered,  have you benefited with tweets? I know more exposure the better but have you noticed any difference? Thank goodness this site & a few others tweet what we list. ?

I've only recently buckled down & entered the tweeting world. Honestly, in my personal life, I was never drawn to it. If I wanted to know everyone's thought/inner most feeling & what they're eating, well, I have facebook for that.  ???

I discovered Handmade Hour, it was a fluke really, where if you hashtag HandmadehourUSA (for USA peeps) on Wednesday night at 7pm EST with your product, link & pic, they retweet it. Others retweet &/or favorite it also. It was actually a lot of fun. So I just wanted to share that bit of info with you all because the majority of items that I noticed were from etsy. We need to get this site out there! So follow Handmade Hour. I'd love to see more of your products there on Wednesday nights.