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Blog, need your opinion


Hi everyone! : )

I wanted to have your opinion on my blog. I have picked up blogging this year after a long absence and I can't seem to get my readers to visit my blog like they used to. I know it takes time, but I've tried to come up with some interesting subjects and changed all the layout to make it more appealing but it doesn't seem to be working very well. Could you please take a look at it and make any suggestions or comments please?

I would really appreciate! Thanks a lot! : )

I am not a good blogger as I forget that in order for any blog to be successful, one must post on a routine basis, like at least once a week.  That is how you attract attention.  I have vowed to do just that.

Now, a different problem, when I looked at your blog, there was no way for me to follow it.  I looked all over the place for a "follow" button.  If I can't follow you, I won't be looking at your blog.  I will see if I can get to you through bloglovin, as I just commented on your blog, i am now following you through bloglovin.


I love your layout!  Nice and clean and easy on the eyes. 

My problem was the same as mentioned want people to follow your blog since it is sometimes tough to remember the blogs you wanted to check up on.

Other than that it is nothing more than posted regularly and promoting yourself all over the place.  Check others blogs and to get some inspiration for topics intermixed with your own daily life so others can get to know you.

Hi John!

Thanks for your insight! I'm sorry you had so much trouble following my blog. Like I've mentioned, I've now added blogloving button, I hope this time it will be easy to see!
I do have a follow button via Google Friend Connect but it's a bit lower in the page. Would you suggest that I bring it below my social media icons?

I do my best to post at least once a week, but I get what you mean, it is a commitment and it'S sometimes hard to find inspiration for good articles. Best of luck! :D


Hi MakinTheBestOfIt! : )
I'm happy that you like the layout, I did a lot of work on my blog to get to this point.

Thanks for dropping by and for the insight! :D

Hi John!
I've changed the layout once again and I think it's for the best. Could you please let me know if it's easier for people to follow me?
Thanks! :D

Anyone else has suggestions for my blog?
Thank you! :D


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