Will You Be My Valentine?

It’s closer than you think! Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, so I thought maybe I’d help you ladies out by sharing a few special creations that I found here on Handmade Artists. Now it’s always nice to receive the usual box of candy and flowers for Valentine’s Day, but….this year, why not put a little bug in his ear for something beautiful and handmade?

Now, you can either point him to this post or…..you can just buy a gift for yourself and then tell him “Thank you, sweetie. You bought this for me.”

I picked these earrings out first because I just fell in love with them, just in case anyone feels the need to get ME a gift for Valentine’s Day! You can find these little beauties at Phoenix Art Studio.

Loves First Blush

Loves First Blush


Who wouldn’t love to receive these yummy, sweet smelling little heart soaps? These are from Norma’s Bath and Body. This is one of those shops that you won’t want to leave. Truly a shop for the girly girl!

Valentine Heart Soaps

Handmade Heart Shaped Soap


If you’re like me, you love pretty romantic items for your home. This quilted table topper is stunning!  He’ll think you’re being very practical when you show him this! We won’t tell him what a romantic gift this would be!  You can find this, and many more beautiful pieces, at Patchwork Mountain.

Quilted Table Topper

Handmade Quilted Table Topper

This is not your store bought box of candy! And, they can be purchased in milk chocolate, mint chocolate, dark chocolate and white chocolate!  These, and many more sweet treats, can be found at Paragon Treasures 4 U.

Chocolate Hearts on a Box

Handmade Chocolate Hearts

And for all the ladies who are unattached at the moment, have no fear!  There are no rules for Valentine’s Day, so buy yourself some chocolates and something pretty that strikes your fancy.  You deserve it! 

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