Why Do You Create Handmade?

Why do you create?Last summer Timothy Adam, Editor from Handmadeology, posted this question: Why do you create? I submitted my story and July 11, 2011, it was on the Handmadeology website.

This is my story….

A few weeks ago, I received a message from a client requesting a pair of simple earrings to match the bracelet she purchased. Without hesitation, I agreed to make a pair for her and she knew I did not offer earrings in my shop, nor was it my specialty.

Later that same day, I sent her an email letting her know I shipped her bracelet, along with a few pictures of the earrings. She liked them, they were exactly the length she was looking for and she couldn’t wait until her package arrived.

‘The next week the same customer sent me an email, stating how she loved her bracelet,Coral and the earrings. She has received all kinds of compliments, which made her feel terrific and she was very pleased with everything.

The question was… Why do you create?  I create to share the joy, the excitement, and hopefully bring a smile to someone’s face. Not only for a day or a week but also for years to come.  Even now, I think about how excited she was and I begin to smile.


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Handmade ArtistsHandmade Artists create for different reasons. Some feel compelled, some for a loved one, some to inspire others, some create only on the weekends, and some… well just because.  Whatever your reason is, everyone has his or her own unique story.  Now I am going to ask the question… Why do you create? Leave a comment below and share your story with us.

Thank you for visiting and have an inspirational day.  Cari

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 Written by Cari Baker aka CrochetHooked



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