What is an Artist Statement and Why Do I Need One?

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With my new direction of applying to “better” shows came new challenges and learning opportunities. I recently completed my application to the St. George Art Festival. It included the typical personal information (name, address, medium, etc.) and pictures of my work and booth. Additionally, it required that I submit an Artist Statement and a CV/Resumé.  An Artist Statement?

Build an efficient resume and mention all of your training in it for an honest impression. this is often a really intelligent option for today’s job-hunter. Create your resume with a resume maker online, then reserve it in order that it are often modified and updated because the need arises. No got to start from scratch whenever , what’s the purpose of that?

Not only that, but the competition in today’s job market is fierce, taking advantage of a resume maker can offer you the sting over other applicants. Employers are trying to find sharp wording, power verbs, and powerful samples of what you’ve got accomplished within the past.

Most job seekers, especially those that aren’t experienced within the resume-writing arena, can really use some assistance from professionals during this field; people that skills to display your achievements, skills, and most marketable traits within the best light possible. Your resume may only be glanced at for one quick second, and it’s the primary , and possibly only impression an employer will have of you.

That is why it’s so important that your resume is formatted within the most impressive way possible, to spotlight your strengths, not hide them, and to point out why amid all of the opposite candidates, you’re one who deserves an interview.

Entertaining the character within, my first impulse was to make the statement, “Let me thank you in advance for seating me in your show,” or simply “Pick me!”  Wisely, I thought better of being flip and went out to research what an Artist Statement is and why on earth do I need one.

Teapot -MyEuropeanTouch

Teapot -MyEuropeanTouch

What I found was that an Artist Statement is something between a bio and an art critique of your work.  It’s not a sales pitch.  It’s definitely informative.  It should include a brief history of how I acquired the skills I’m using to create my work today.  It should also express in words the character of my work and my passion for it without selling it.  The very best article I found on Artist Statement-writing was on artbusiness.com.  All of this needs to be done in three to five paragraphs.

“Wow!,” I thought…  my life story and all of my passion for what I do in 3-5 paragraphs…  quite a challenge.  But in researching on, I discovered that the Artist Statement is an important means of introduction; just enough material to entice the reader to feel that there really is a person behind whatever they produce.

Facing Southeast Quilt - iKnitQuiltSew

Facing Southeast Quilt – iKnitQuiltSew

So, after many, MANY, drafts and several days, here is what I came up with:

My name is Sandi Levy; I am a fiber artist. My mediums are yarn and fabric, occasionally both at the same time. My great-grandmother and grandmother taught me to knit when I was perhaps 5. To this day, much of what I knit is on my grandmother’s needles using her patterns which she said were her mother’s. This would date them to the late 1800s, giving my knitting that vintage look and feel.

Baby Mocassions - ThunderRoseLeather

Baby Mocassions – ThunderRoseLeather

My dolls and bears are also hold-overs from that wonderful time so long ago. Even though all of my teddy bears and dolls meet or exceed US Government standards for toys (which is what I think I am making), well over half of them have been purchased by collectors.

Quilting is my passion. I am inspired by what I see – whether it’s a wonderful piece of fabric or a magnificent landscape. Some of my quilts bring color, charm and whimsy to a baby room. Others celebrate a remarkable vista or an optical illusion. All of my quilts are quilted and embroidered by hand – my favorite part – to bring up the details and dimension of the quilt.

All of my pieces are created simply because that’s what calls to me at the moment. Whether I’m knitting, quilting or sewing, it’s a labor of love.

Three-five paragraphs – check.  Background/training – check.  Passion for medium – check.  No sales pitch – check.  Voila!

Why Do YOU Need An Artist Statement?

Sea Glass Pendant - MakinTheBestOfIt

Sea Glass Pendant – MakinTheBestOfIt

After I finished this, I had this epiphany that – well DUH! – this is exactly what should be in the About Me section of my shop here on HandmadeArtists.  Frankly, everyone should have this regardless of where they sell.  It occurred to me that an Artist Statement isn’t some obscure thing that only people applying to high-end shows need…  everyone selling arts/crafts/handmade should have one!

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