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Watches by HelenI just love handmade items, and these watches are no exception. Watches by Helen does some wonderful work, with exceptional quality!

Here is on of Helen’s creations. This is a beautiful handcrafted watch that is handmade by me for Watches by Helen. It is silver plated and has a lovely, fancy watch face. The oval links are 8 x 16 mm and the jump rings are 8mm. This watch easily fastens with a darling heart toggle clasp. If you get this watch you will not regret it. It is light and comfortable to wear.Handmade Watch by Helen

Here’s a little bit about Helen from her profile! I primarily make watches, earring, rings, and bracelets.I love to dabble in other jewelry too. I love to listen to see how I am guided to make each one different from the others. I hope you like what you see. Your watch will not be exactly like the one you see in my shop because it will be custom made to fit you. After you receive one of my watches you will wonder how you could have lived without one of them and maybe you will like other watches from :) OH and just a little about me…I am a former therapist. I am a survivor of breast cancer, living cancer free. I live with and manage Bipolar Disorder 2. And I am soooo grateful for my life and the people I love.

Handmade Heart Shaped WatchHere’s one more lovely piece from Helen, a heart shaped watch, Handmade with Love! I love this handmade, beaded, fresh water pearl and swarovski crystal silver watch that I made.  I made it while thinking what a lovely accessory it would be to wear to a wedding or some special occasion.  It’s elegant without being overdone and it feels so good when it’s on your wrist.  I know because I tried it on.  The heart shaped face is simple but distinctive as is the toggle clasp.  This watch is just beautiful and when you get it you will wonder why you didn’t get it sooner.

To see more of Helen’s creations just stop by her shop and enjoy the lovely creations from Watches by Helen!




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