Time for Santa to Check His List

Christmas is fast approaching and that means checking that list one more time to make sure we haven’t forgotten anyone! This is most certainly true for Santa Clause and that is why December 4 is officially Santa’s List Day! So, which side do you fall on; naughty or nice? Either way, what better way to celebrate such a monumental task than with the talented visions of the artisans on HandmadeArtists!

HAF Santas List

Jolly Ole Fat Man Welcome Here Santa Claus Christmas Necklace

Santa necklace handmade

CrafterByHeart has created a piece that takes Santa from a kids imagination and turned it into a grown up statement necklace!  This piece features Ole St. Nick, looking very stately, set off with amazing fossil beads in creamy white.  Each and every piece of jewelry in this shop is special and sure to fit someone, naughty or nice, on your list.

Mini Stump Santas

Stump santa decor

Who knew Santa had such personality!  JuniqueGoods captures each and every one with her mini stump Santa decorations.  Hand crafted from Crepe Myrle branches, these happy table toppers will surely become the center of your holiday table.  This shop is loaded with darling ideas for many on your list and are ready to ship to their new home to be wrapped up or kept for yourself! Hey, who said you don’t deserve a present too, right?  You’ve been good!

Egghead Santa Ceramic Pot

santa eggheadsSanta Egghead Pots

Santa has a new place to hide his secret list…in his head!  These adorable creations come from the talented hands of MoKaPottery and each one is absolutely unique.  Just remove their top and you have an instant hiding place for your Christmas treats; or you can forgetting wrapping that gift and tuck it inside this little egghead!  TaDa!  The gift wrap becomes another gift.

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