Featured Artist Gabrielle of My Lovi

“It is never nuts to do something you love. But that is what it has to be. If you are doing it for the money, then there is no passion in it and will reflect in your products.” Wise words from a talented crafter with a passion for handmade and buy local! In addition to […]

Evolution of Handmade

There is always discussion about what is and isn’t handmade. Dictionary.com defines handmade as “made by hand, not by machine, especially with care or craftsmanship .” But even that definition has changed as times have changed. Back in the pioneer days, handmade was just that… made with your hands. There was no electricity, and there […]

Miss Val’s Creations

I’m a bead lover and enjoy working with wood, gemstones, glass and more!  My online customers really love the lanyards and eyeglass chains.  I also create jewelry, wine glass charms and gemstone tie tacks.   My main shop www.missvalscreations.com also carries a great selection of jewelry making supplies and beading wire. My handcrafted pieces my also be found at […]

New Twist on a Favorite Material

Learning how to woodwork? Who, me??? I would have never thought it. As I was standing at the drill press one evening, I was thinking that very thought aloud to the person who was teaching me. His reply was simply, “Well, what is it that you are making?” Enough said. It began simply enough many […]


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