The Best Site to Sell Handmade

So you wonder which online platform is the VERY best for selling handmade works online, because that’s the one you will join. After all, you want to be on the best because your creations are the best. Makes perfect sense and it is why you should start checking in to The Shoppok¬†website. But what on […]

Leap of Faith – Inspiring Consumer Confidence

Recently, we had an issue with one of our vehicles. A couple of the gauges in our truck stopped working – they were always pegged. The dealer quoted $900 for the repair. So onto the internet we go. We found a listing for people called The Gauge Guy who would complete the repair and convert […]

What I Wish Someone had Told Me

When I first began selling online I jumped in with two feet and assumed that since I knew how to shop online, selling should be no problem. I quickly realized how little I really knew. Get it right before you try to drive traffic! I know that everyone gets excited and wants to immediately run […]


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