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Discover Handmade Valentines pt 2 February 7
Discover Handmade Feb 7

Discover Handmade Valentines pt 2 for February 7 Hello Everyone….Are you searching for a handmade Valentines Day gift? If you answered yes, have a look at Discover Handmade on Here you will find a variety of Valentines for the entire family, each one hand-crafted from the heart and soul of the talented artist. Let’s […]

Inspire your Heart with Art

Handmade treasures always come from the heart. Whether it is that first macaroni necklace you gave to your mother or a master work hanging in a gallery; you can not create amazing art without putting a piece of your heart in it. So, to celebrate the heart in every work of art I present to […]

Will You Be My Valentine?
Handmade Heart Earrings

It’s closer than you think! Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, so I thought maybe I’d help you ladies out by sharing a few special creations that I found here on Handmade Artists. Now it’s always nice to receive the usual box of candy and flowers for Valentine’s Day, but….this year, why not put […]


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