Can Search Engines Find Your Item Title?
Hand-Knit Yellow Headband

You have a lot of time, planning, patience and creativity in that wonderful piece. First, you created it to perfection. Then you took a myriad of pictures of it to capture it at just the right angle in just the right light to make it look its best to prospective buyers. Now it’s time to […]

Summer Blog Ring 2014

Click to see more of TheAlchemistsVessel work![/caption] Do you love handmade? Do you like to talk/write/blog? Then join us on our summer blog ring tour for 2014. Like Sandi asked a few blogs ago, what are we doing to support handmade? Blogging is a great way to support handmade. And for many different reasons than […]

Backlinks – DIY for SEO
Handmade Link Bracelet

I’ve been trying to spend a little time each day to learn something new about SEO (search engine optimization), tags, metatags, anything to help with getting my brand out there so people will love my shop, and more importantly, purchase from my shop. I have discovered the hard way, that when my friend, who runs […]


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