“Best Practices” – Really?
Me quilting

In the business world, even the small business world, the phrase “best practices” comes up continually. There are many experts that will tell you emphatically that “best practices” should always be followed. But I am a firm believer in the fact that generalized statements are rarely true, and here’s why. What Are “Best Practices?” Best […]

The Truth About Working From Home

The very idea is delicious! You are going to make a living creating art and beauty from the comfort of your home. You are going to put your treasures up on the internet while still in your jammies and sipping your coffee and have all the free time in the world to take care of […]

Don’t let Social Media Get the Best Of You

Social media is a huge, and often free, tool of small businesses to promote their work and get their name out to the public; but are you using it correctly or are you shooting yourself in the foot? Social media is anything from Facebook, to Twitter, to Pinterest, to your blog. You are connecting with […]

Who are You Targeting?
recycled tire bird feeder

After spending hours designing, creating, photographing, and listing your handmade treasure you are then required to market it! But who are you marketing too? Do you really know who your customer is or are you just wasting your precious marketing time blitzing every social media and hoping that your customer finds you? The internet is […]

Photo Don’ts

After selling on various sites, hanging out in forums and browsing countless handmade treasures I have heard one resounding theme….Why am I not selling? Well, there are countless possible answers to this question but one of the most common culprits of low sales seems to be pictures. Now I can hear you now, “not another […]

Featured Artist – Rabbit Hollow Prims

Rabbit Hollow Prims began a long while ago… 1989 to be exact. I used to make crafts with my mother who sold at shows in Pennsylvania and Ohio and she would pay me for helping her. I stayed away from doll making for a while and now I am back to making dolls from patterns,¬†and […]


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