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The Best Site to Sell Handmade

So you wonder which online platform is the VERY best for selling handmade works online, because that’s the one you will join. After all, you want to be on the best because your creations are the best. Makes perfect sense and it is why you should start checking in to The Shoppok¬†website. But what on […]

It’s Just a Word!

Because of US Government regulations, my creations must all be labeled to include specific information. One of these pieces of information is location of manufacture. Most of you know that I recently moved and changed states in the process. Ever since I started doing this, my labels have simply included my zip code which satisfied […]

Facing the Reality of Selling Online

I’ve written about the reality of selling online before, but the message bears repeating. This is the 21st century, and more and more people shop online. Just a few years ago, shopping online was not the norm – you shopped online when you couldn’t find what you wanted locally, in person. But these days, people […]

Self-Promotion, Advertising and Marketing – What’s Your Direction?

¬† Internet Marketing are often a tough slog. It most likely doesn’t look it from the surface , but it requires an entire set of latest skills. a number of them are often more easily learned than others. Take building an internet site , for instance . If you have already got the skill before […]

Is It Really One of a Kind?

What makes something one of a kind? Those of us in the handmade world tend to think that virtually all of our pieces are one of a kind…..but are they really? Are we over-using the term and diluting its impact in the process? Curious about this, I set out to find an official definition of […]

Photo Don’ts

After selling on various sites, hanging out in forums and browsing countless handmade treasures I have heard one resounding theme….Why am I not selling? Well, there are countless possible answers to this question but one of the most common culprits of low sales seems to be pictures. Now I can hear you now, “not another […]

Get It In The Bag!

So, you had an idea…… you made the item, you’ve listed the item for sale and nothing! Absoutely nothing happens, yes, you got views, people hearted the item, said they loved it, maybe even tried it on, but it still belongs to you and your bank account is feeling rather depleted! So how do you […]

So You Want To Work From Home

When I retired in order to concentrate on my art, I made some major mistakes that kept me from be as successful as I could have been. Believe it or not, working from your home has a few drawbacks if you aren’t disciplined about it. I thought I would share a few tips that I’ve […]

Stop the Insanity of Social Media Overload
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Social media can be a bit overwhelming to handmade business owners. You have to concentrate on creating your product, blogging, Twitter, Facebook, Google + and a slew of other sites in order to spread the word about your product. How can you manage it all? Hoot Suite is a social management tool I use to […]

Juggling being a Handmade Artist

Knit One.. Pearl Two – My “Online” Afghan I wanted to find a clever way to tell my online adventure and thought of Knitting an Afghan! Much like this craft I started my “Online” Afghan in 2008. I picked my colors, and style etc. and began knitting away. As my afghan grew in size I […]


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