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Self-Promotion, Advertising and Marketing – What’s Your Direction?

  Internet Marketing are often a tough slog. It most likely doesn’t look it from the surface , but it requires an entire set of latest skills. a number of them are often more easily learned than others. Take building an internet site , for instance . If you have already got the skill before […]

So You Want To Open a Store

Written by ~The Alchemists Vessel~ It has been a long-time dream of mine to open and operate my own store. The idea of the store has morphed from form or another, but always staying within the same vein or theme of handmade art and gifts. In October of last year, I was graciously offered an […]

Putting Together Press Kits
press kit

I recently was lucky enough to attend the Buyers Market as a member of the press. While getting my permission badge to carry my camera and take photos, we were directed to the press table which turned into an eye opening experience. On this table were folders, envelopes and brochures from the various vendors displaying […]

Your Business Card

Hello, So you’ve made a sale and sent a happy customer off with their wonderful handmade item. Now what? How will that customer get in touch with you if they need or want to return for another purchase? How will they tell their friends about the wonderful shop from which they purchase their item? Your […]

Step out of your comfort zone

Getting Out There I want to talk a little bit about “Getting Out There”. This is about putting yourself out in the public view along with your craft, artwork, jewelry, whatever it is that you do. This is not easy to do and for some, like me it is nearly impossible. BUT, it can be […]

It’s Just a Photograph – Photography Tips for Selling Online

I wrote a post not long ago entitled The Reality of Selling Online. In that post, one of the realities I mentioned is that “You will need to be the Ansel Adams of handmade to sell your work online.” What makes Ansel Adams photographs so wonderful and how does this relate to selling arts and […]

Juggling being a Handmade Artist
handmade clutch

Knit One.. Pearl Two – My “Online” Afghan I wanted to find a clever way to tell my online adventure and thought of Knitting an Afghan! Much like this craft I started my “Online” Afghan in 2008. I picked my colors, and style etc. and began knitting away. As my afghan grew in size I […]

Contributor Terri Belford

Terri has been self employed for over 30 years in home furnishings, fine arts, healing arts and contemporary crafts fields.  She started her first business, an ad agency,  in her 20s . She’s been all sides of the handmade business from exhibiting artist to artists’ agent/representative to gallery owner. Since selling her gallery of contemporary […]

Pricing Handmade

A blog post about pricing handcrafted goods sparked more debate than I would ever have imagined.  So, I thought, why not jump into the fray?  It hadn’t seemed that complicated to me.  Whatever job I do, I expect compensation for my time and my talent.  I demand compensation that includes health benefits, paid vacation, paid […]


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