What Do You Do With Your Scraps?
Little dolls

I quilt, which leaves me with a myriad of small pieces of fabric; scraps that are really not big enough to do anything significant with but too big to just throw away. So a few years ago, I decided to invent something worthwhile to do with my scraps. I make miniature rag dolls which were […]

Quilt or Comforter? What’s the Difference and Who Cares?
Fish Quilt

Quilt or Comforter? Comforter or Quilt? Is there a difference and if there is, why should I care? Both items are typically bedding. They both keep you warm and cozy. They both have several layers to them. What’s the big deal? There is a Difference Even though the function of a quilt and a comforter […]

On Fire Shout Out Quilting Supreme

Quilting Supreme HA Shop Shout Outs Quilting SupremeHa Shop Shout Outs! 3 new shops that are filled with quilted creations! You will find beautiful creations by beautiful people! Be sure to stop by their shops to see for yourself!     i Knit Quilt Sew offers boutique quality for mom and baby at affordable prices. […]

Meet Sandi from iKnitQuiltSew here on Handmadeartists.com
crochet baby boots

It is my great pleasure to introduce to you Sandi today, the owner ofiKnitQuiltSew. She offers boutique quality Sewing, Knitting and Crochet for mom and baby at affordable prices. She specializes in baby art quilts (handmade and hand quilted), handmade rag dolls, teddy bears and baby/ ladies knits. All her items are designed and crafted […]

Quilting Wonders Shout Out

Quilting Wonders Handmade Artists Shout Outs! Quilting Wonders Featured Shops from Handmade Artists! http://handmadeartists.com At Patchwork Mountain you will find stunning Handmade Quilts! Pictured Left: Patchwork Quilt Red and Brown Handmade Patchwork Quilt, Homemade Red and Brown Wall or Lap Quilt 52″ x 52″ The deep red and browns in this patchwork quilt would make […]

The Language of Color
handmade quilting

Pink is soft, comforting, gentle; red is bold, dangerous, alarming and dramatic. Blue is calm, serious, suggesting allegiance and loyalty. Yellow and green remind us of springtime, newness, happiness. Pantone.com is a color monitoring site that predicts the fashion hues of each season. The Pantone prime color of 2014 is called Radiant Orchid, red toned […]

Is It Really One of a Kind?
Handmade Quilt

What makes something one of a kind? Those of us in the handmade world tend to think that virtually all of our pieces are one of a kind…..but are they really? Are we over-using the term and diluting its impact in the process? Curious about this, I set out to find an official definition of […]

Dream Day

Dreams can come true! Welcome to Dream Day where anything is possible in your dreams. To celebrate this magical land of dreams, I present to you some amazing works of handmade art featuring dreams. Dreamcicle Vegan Soap From the shop of YrekaSoapCo comes this lush sounding Dreamcicle soap. Using only the best ingredients, let the […]

Featured Artist Karen Gass
Quilt Pattern

When you picture an artist what do you see? Beret wearing painter? Vegan living in a commune? A homeschooling grandmother? My guess is the third choice was not even close, but this is just what I found in Karen! Karen lives a very packed life as a stay at home mom, wife, homeschool teacher to […]

Featured Artists IKnitQuiltSew
Winter handmade teddy bear

So many of the arts are being lost in favor of speed and lower cost, however, there are still a few out there that insist on keeping handmade alive for all to treasure and enjoy. One such talent is a wonderful woman who learned to knit and sew from her grandmother and great grandmother! I […]


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