The Power of the Press

Almost everyone today would flat out tell you that newspapers have outlived their usefulness; that no one reads ‘the paper’ anymore. If you want to read something, you simply go online. While that may be true, those newspapers are what many people are reading online. The press still has a tremendous impact and a wide […]

What Are You Doing to Support Handmade?

While working on a quilt layout today, I was musing about handmade. I’m one of the fortunate ones who is busy with handmade. I’ve been waiting for time to work on this very quilt, and every time I think I’ve found it, a customer wants something special. Now is no different, and I’ll be juggling […]

Who are You Targeting?
recycled tire bird feeder

After spending hours designing, creating, photographing, and listing your handmade treasure you are then required to market it! But who are you marketing too? Do you really know who your customer is or are you just wasting your precious marketing time blitzing every social media and hoping that your customer finds you? The internet is […]

What I Wish Someone had Told Me

When I first began selling online I jumped in with two feet and assumed that since I knew how to shop online, selling should be no problem. I quickly realized how little I really knew. Get it right before you try to drive traffic! I know that everyone gets excited and wants to immediately run […]

Self-Promotion, Advertising and Marketing – What’s Your Direction?

  Internet Marketing are often a tough slog. It most likely doesn’t look it from the surface , but it requires an entire set of latest skills. a number of them are often more easily learned than others. Take building an internet site , for instance . If you have already got the skill before […]

Great Finds Hunt

Great Finds Hunt is On! Great Finds Hunt is up and running! We are always on the Hunt for Handmade Creations! Come join in on the Fun! Every Wednesday we host a Great Finds Hunt on the On Fire for Handmade Site. To participate simply copy and paste the link to your item in the […]

1 ringydingy, 2 ringydingy, 3 ringydingy, hello…

Written by Yankee Burrow Creations There has been a lot of talk lately about sales…where are they and who’s getting them. And there has been a lot of talk about the role social media plays in your on-line business. We all know that selling on line is a team effort, if only to help us […]

Alternative Shop Promotion

I have been creating and selling my hand made jewelry and altered art now for about 2 years through many different venues. My main venue is the internet and my on line store at Of course there are many other store front venues to vend on line but eventually you have to choose one […]


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