pricing handmade

Do you struggle with how to price your handmade craft?

This is probably the number two question I am asked by artists and crafts people: “how do I know how much to charge for my handmade items?” My answer: There is no one single formula. How you price your creative work depends on many factors. The most important thing is that you are making a […]

Do Not Discount Your Work!

If you follow me on Facebook or Twitter you know I’m on a mission to get my friends and followers to buy handmade and stay away from the big box stores. If YOU shopped on Black Friday or Cyber Monday for anything other than electronics (which you obviously can’t get handmade), you should be ashamed […]

Why are Your Handmade Crafts Not Selling as Well as You’d Like?

I’ve been receiving inquiries from some crafters saying their work isn’t selling as well as they would like others are reporting increasing sales. So, what’s the difference? Since I do individual and group consulting to crafts people and galleries, I can’t answer each of these artists individually but I decided it was time to take […]

Count the Cost

What? Count the cost, what is she talking about? When you create a work of art no matter what form, there is a cost in that creation. Now do you get it? For this blog I want to focus on art jewelry pieces like these. The Eagle Mt piece is available in my shop NancysWildWireArt […]

Pricing Handmade

A blog post about pricing handcrafted goods sparked more debate than I would ever have imagined.  So, I thought, why not jump into the fray?  It hadn’t seemed that complicated to me.  Whatever job I do, I expect compensation for my time and my talent.  I demand compensation that includes health benefits, paid vacation, paid […]


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