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Rasmussen Gems


John Atwell Rasmussen   I am John Rasmussen. I was born in Upper Darby, Pennsylvania, but we moved soon after that. My family lived in several different states because my father was transferred from assignment to assignment. As I grew up, I developed a love for geology and natural science. I have taught geology, then […]

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Featured Artists Start’s Arts

Polymer clay shoe sculpture

Clay, we play with it when we are little, squishing it around in our hands and creating fantasy worlds for hours at a time. Our mothers find globs of dried clay under the furniture embedded in her cookie cutters; but as we grow our clay becomes a thing of the past. Well, not for everyone! […]

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Facebook Fan Drive ends with Holiday Coupon


Hello all, I just wanted to share with you a short contest I just ran on my facebook (https://www.facebook.com/ShendoeCeramics) that was super fun and easy for my friends.  I was just about 16 people shy of my 2011 goal of having 400 fans, so I ran a contest asking for existing fans to share my […]

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Shop Creativity


As with many places, Debora and I tend to work in spurts of creativity.  She will look at her beads and wire over and over.  Then she will see a way to put together a piece.  In the past week, she has made several beautiful pieces of wearable art.  Here are two of her creations […]

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Saga of Life


In the continuing saga of making jewelry for my wife (she does get first chance at anything done), she chose two stones to be turned into cabochons the then jewelry.  The smaller tourmilated quartz was to be a ring, and the Peruvian blue opal to make a necklace.  After the lapidary work, the opal was […]

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Semi Back to Normal


My main computer bit the dust last weekend, so I sent it off to HP for repair.  That meant that I had to use the slower backup computer, so I have not been doing too much online.  I also evacuated my online shop and am re-shooting all jewelry for better pictures and will be reopening […]

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Featured Artist Eric Geist an Amazing Silver Smith


I love casting work as much as anyone but Eric Geists’ work is something special. Here are a few of his pieces that you can find on the Handmade Artists’ Shop. Make sure you take a minute to stop by and see all the rest of his creations. I just love the detail on this […]

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A Touch of Glass Jewelry on the HAFshop!

Brenda with A Touch of Glass Jewelry is one of the more talented handmade artists out there she does these wonderful hand painted fused glass pendants. Since she has made so many wonderful original designs that she has now moved to digitally enhanced images adhered to dominoes as cost effective alternative to her original work. […]

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Speranza Jewelry

Just a quick note on Speranza Jewelry, they make clean and elegant jewelry and have been a strong influence on The Handmade Artists’ Forum. You can read more about Speranza on their blog.  One of my favorite pieces is this Agate Drop Pendant Necklace it is truly a piece that you could wear to a […]

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Featured Artist – Beeboo Handcrafted Glass Beads & Jewelry


  I am an artist, a mom, and a breast cancer survivor. My husband James, 2 kids Phoebe & Sander, and I live in a wild-kingdom with 2 dogs, 1 cat, 2 turtles, and too many chickens to count. I have a BA in Illustration and am the staff artist at a MA Veterinary School. […]

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