A Journey from Rock to Jewelry

About two months ago, a man contacted a local brick and mortar jewelry store. He walked in with a 20 pound rock. He asked the bench jeweler what it was. The jeweler said, that he did not know how to identify a rock, but he knew someone who could help him. So I got a […]

Is It Really One of a Kind?
Handmade Quilt

What makes something one of a kind? Those of us in the handmade world tend to think that virtually all of our pieces are one of a kind…..but are they really? Are we over-using the term and diluting its impact in the process? Curious about this, I set out to find an official definition of […]

Discover Handmade May 24

Land of the Dolls The definition of ‘Doll’ (per Wikipedia) is a model of a human being, often used as a toy for children. Throughout the centuries, going back to 2000 BCE, materials used to make dolls are: clay, stone, wood, bone, ivory, leather, wax, straw, cottonwood, cornhusks, porcelain, paper, plastic, fabric, vinyl, and everything […]

One of a kind Artist Teddy Bears

One of a kind Artist Teddy Bears Artist bears are bears designed and made by bear artist. They can be made from synthetic fur or real fur such as mohair. These bears are for the bear collector. Just like collectors who collect manufactured bears such as Steiff bears, these bears are heirloom quality and can […]

Handknits from the heart By Les Tricots du Coeur

I’m Ninon from Quebec, and knitting is my passion! Designing and creating new pieces is for me the air that I breathe.  I was always as long as I can remember a very artistic person, and I thrive on doing anything artsy.  My shop is filled with luxury handknitted accessories, all knitted with love!  I […]

Featured Artist – Rabbit Hollow Prims

Rabbit Hollow Prims began a long while ago… 1989 to be exact. I used to make crafts with my mother who sold at shows in Pennsylvania and Ohio and she would pay me for helping her. I stayed away from doll making for a while and now I am back to making dolls from patterns, and […]

Featured Artist – Kabi Designs

  My name is Karina. In March 2006 I discovered the wonderful world of polymer clay. Since that day I practice daily so I can learn new techniques! I love experimenting with clay and creating just about everything. I especially enjoy making jewelry in which I use many different techniques, using canes that I make and enhancing […]


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