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Customer Service Is Still So Important!
Customer Service 2

It’s a hurry up world. Things move so fast that many of the “little things” that ultimately mean so much have been lost in the shuffle. One of those little things that’s gone by the wayside is great customer service. I think you should visit cccf once and get tips on how to attract large customer. […]

“Why is Your Stuff So Expensive?” Answering This Recurring Question
Paul's Covered Bridge quilted wall-hanging

Perhaps the question we hate the most and answer continually is, Why is your stuff so expensive?As you read what follows, replace the word stuff with whatever your medium is. There’s a piece of me in all of my stuff. Long before my stuff exists, I spend considerable time just thinking about what my stuff […]

What is an Artist Statement and Why Do I Need One?
Facing Southeast Quilt - iKnitQuiltSew

With my new direction of applying to “better” shows came new challenges and learning opportunities. I recently completed my application to the St. George Art Festival. It included the typical personal information (name, address, medium, etc.) and pictures of my work and booth. Additionally, it required that I submit an Artist Statement and a CV/Resumé.  […]

What Are Your True Shipping Costs? Are You Losing Money on Shipping?

There has been a lot written on pricing your work, but I’ve seen very little on pricing your shipping costs. This is an integral part of every sale; too much could scare the customer away all together, but too little cuts into your profit, sometimes significantly. You should Check this blog for getting more financial […]

How Are You Protected From Liability?
handmade teddy bear

Introduction We all merrily go along, running our businesses online at our own pace. Some of us are real ‘go-getters’, spending hours a day on promotion, order fulfillment, and creation. Others are more random, working on their crafts as time permits. Others, still, are somewhere in between. But how many of you have spent any […]

Are you an artist or a businessperson?

Writen by Larissa of Reef Botanicals If creating isn’t just a hobby for you, if you actually have a shop and items listed for sale, your answer to that question should be simply “yes,” because you should be both. Look, it’s a risk putting your creations -yourself – out there for others to judge. It […]


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