Resounding Rounds

Remember when you were little and your music teacher had you sing in rounds? No problem in theory, until you try to get a group of young children to do it! Now that we are older this should not be too much of a problem and today is the day to try it out. Welcome […]

Music Handmade Style

So a while back we had another highlight contest and came up with a collection of songs. This was a busy week for all so we didn’t get many entries, the ones we got rocked! Any Dee from Southern Country Creations sponsored this contest and gave away a free bracelet to the winner of the […]

Featured Artist RMChaffee of ViolettesByBecky

Many have multiple passions in their life and anytime someone can manage to combine them into one, they have captured the brass ring! Becky managed to do just that when she combined her love of music and fabric and purses and bags into an amazing product that you have to see to believe! Becky has […]


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