What’s Old is New Again: Reworking an Unsold Item

I know for certain that I am not alone when I admit that I have perfectly good items in my shop that have been there forever and remain unsold. There are other sites that will try to convince you that it isn’t sold simply because it’s not near the top of the list anymore; renew […]

Marketing 101: Tips for Your Small Business Promotion

We artsy-crafty people do not love marketing. But it’s a necessary evil of having your own small business. It needs to be done well and often, and most of us are not good at it. The fact that we don’t necessarily enjoy it just makes it that much more difficult. But there are many lessons […]

What’s an Avatar? How Do I Get One? Why Do I Need One?
iKnit Logo 019

If you cruise around the web at all, you’ve been asked to add an avatar at almost every turn. Sometimes, it’s a simple request to upload a picture for your profile; sometimes you are asked for a logo or thumbnail; sometimes it’s specifically called an avatar. All it is is a small .jpg (picture file) […]

Who are You Targeting?
recycled tire bird feeder

After spending hours designing, creating, photographing, and listing your handmade treasure you are then required to market it! But who are you marketing too? Do you really know who your customer is or are you just wasting your precious marketing time blitzing every social media and hoping that your customer finds you? The internet is […]

Self-Promotion, Advertising and Marketing – What’s Your Direction?

  Internet Marketing are often a tough slog. It most likely doesn’t look it from the surface , but it requires an entire set of latest skills. a number of them are often more easily learned than others. Take building an internet site , for instance . If you have already got the skill before […]

It’s About Me:Your Personal Webpage

Hi Everyone! Do you have an About Me page? A single webpage with links to all of your shops, social networks, photo sites, and emails. No? About.Me is a free website to create a single webpage that is about you. You can add links to Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and more. Add your Pinterest, online Shops, […]

Article Marketing for your Handmade Business
article marketing for handmade business

Article marketing for your handmade business can be a low cost and effective way to bring traffic to your shop and/or blog. Just like malcolmread guest blogging offers back-links to your website , article marketing gives you the opportunity to include a link back to your shop or blog in the biography box. What is […]


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