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A Book Review of Chained By Rebeca Mojica


Well our long time friend and member of the forum Rebeca Mojica,  from Blue Buddha Boutique,  is now a published author of what I found to be a  great book about chainmaille. We were lucky enough to get an advanced copy of  “Chained” so that we can give it a once over and make sure […]

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Haffina Creations – Amazing Talent, Amazing Person


I know that there is plenty of talented people in the world; there are many that are multitalented, now imagine finding a multitalented Australian mother of 5 (yes, you read that right…5 kids!) and still finding time to follow her passion for creating beautiful things from beads and Polymer clay! Haffina is just such a […]

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Featured Artist – Corvus RedCrow

  Corvus Chainmaille has been making chainmaille jewellry for over 20 years and is the Weaves Admin for Maille Artisans International along with being the foremost maille jewelry designer in the U.K.   This jewely atisan has made over 180 different weaves including 20 of her own invention. Although this artisan usually only makes custom items […]

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Featured Artist – Blue Buddha Boutique


A graduate from the Medill School of Journalism at Northwestern University, Rebeca worked in media relations and nonprofit development for seven years. She managed several of the most successful PR campaigns ever for various businesses and nonprofits. Though her successes made her happy, in the back of her head was a nagging feeling that she […]

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Featured Artist – Bespoke Jewellry by Elaine J. Hillson

My love of chainmaille began while working on my Medieval History degree in London where I spent my spare time wandering around the medieval galleries of various museums there. The chainmaille armour always caught my eye. The intricacy of all those little rings making up a complete garment was simply amazing. I always wondered how […]

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Featured Artist – UnkamenGifts

The Helmrich Family is a creative bunch! They have taken the Buy Handmade Pledge, and love to make ALL their gifts for each other. LEAH, now 16, began making jewelry in 2005 after a fellow RV’ing friend showed her a few of the basics. She took right to it and loved making jewelry for herself, […]

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Featured Artist – MGChains

If for some strange reason you happened to be looking at my college transcript, you might notice an odd course tucked in between “Poetry/Prose Workshop” and “Discrete Mathmatics” – a course labeled “Chainmaille & Calligraphy.” The calligraphy part was fun, but it was the chainmaille that really grabbed my attention. I started by learning basic […]

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Featured Artist – MailleEtc

For you maillers out there, this will be no big surprise – but keep reading anyway, and for those of you who admire chainmaille but don’t know much about it, but want to learn  - I’m here to tell you a little more about it, by introducing you to Bonnie of  MailleEtc on Etsy.  Although […]

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