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Discover Handmade Valentines pt 2 February 7
Discover Handmade Feb 7

Discover Handmade Valentines pt 2 for February 7 Hello Everyone….Are you searching for a handmade Valentines Day gift? If you answered yes, have a look at Discover Handmade on HandmadeArtists.com. Here you will find a variety of Valentines for the entire family, each one hand-crafted from the heart and soul of the talented artist. Let’s […]

Handmade Sweets
handamade chocolates

Written by Rapunzel’s Garden While it is true that you can buy all sorts of candy in the supermarket, making your own is much more fun. Moreover home-made sweets are much healthier because you can use high quality ingredients and no artificial flavors. Here are some easy recipes to start with, which do not require […]

Something to Add to Your Valentine’s Gifts
Dark & Milk Chocolate with Hazelnut

Of course you should be shopping at Handmade Artists for your Valentine’s Day gifts, that goes without saying. But there’s nothing wrong with adding something you made with your own two hands too. Chocolate! The mainstay of the holiday. And even if you’re not a fan of Valentine’s Day… who’s not a fan of chocolate? […]


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