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Customer Service Is Still So Important!
Customer Service 2

It’s a hurry up world. Things move so fast that many of the “little things” that ultimately mean so much have been lost in the shuffle. One of those little things that’s gone by the wayside is great customer service. Whether it is in-person or online, we all get to pick out what we want […]

Conversation With A Customer
knitted headband

Sometimes, helping your customer “make it themselves” will help you make the sale! Customer: This is really nice! How much is this headband? Me: $15.00. Would you like to try it on? Customer: No – this looks really easy. Can I take a picture so that I can knit it myself? Me: Certainly – go […]

What Are Your True Shipping Costs? Are You Losing Money on Shipping?

There has been a lot written on pricing your work, but I’ve seen very little on pricing your shipping costs. This is an integral part of every sale; too much could scare the customer away all together, but too little cuts into your profit, sometimes significantly. So how do you determine your shipping costs without […]

Customer Service Basics

Most of what I am writing here is just common courtesy. The rules for selling on line really aren’t different that selling in person except for a few points. The problem comes when we forget that the message on the other end comes from a real live person! Thanks to the popularity of social networks […]

Working Your Way Through a Custom Order

Artisans in the handmade world are often approached in person or online by prospective customers who want something that you have, only different. The custom order is born! Custom orders are a wonderful way to expand your business, and many artisans already invite custom orders. But what happens when you get one? Perhaps the hardest […]


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