Art for the Greater Good
quilts of valor

Hello artists and crafters! I completely understand you busy hands and imaginative brains. I am right there with you! I’ve done a few shows this year and have been busy replenishing inventory to be ready for the next. But I started to yearn for some fellowship with like minded people in my area. There are […]

National Crochet Month
national crochet month

May I have your attention Crochet Artists! Thank You! There is no better time to let others know how much you love to crochet than during National Crochet Month. Countless crochet groups, popular retailers, yarn shops, and members of CGOA (Crochet Guild of America) are chatting about this timeless art. WOW! Now I want to […]

Charitable Donations: Packaging and Accounting
tree of life

I feel I am here to help other people, so I feel very blessed to be allowed to make art that people want. Art that I hope will help make the world a better place. If you are an active handmade artist you will eventually be asked to make a charitable donation in the form […]

Alternative Shop Promotion

I have been creating and selling my hand made jewelry and altered art now for about 2 years through many different venues. My main venue is the internet and my on line store at Of course there are many other store front venues to vend on line but eventually you have to choose one […]


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