Be Remembered For Your Beautiful Work, Not Your Horrible Picture!
Preemie Black White Front

It’s been said over and over again that photos are SO important in online sales. Hundreds, perhaps THOUSANDS of pieces have been written telling you how to take decent photos, yet the problem persists, and people still wonder why their beautiful work goes unsold. Rather than write on lighting and F-stops, I’ve compiled an array […]

What’s Going to Sell? Predicting the Future in Arts and Crafts
Crystal Ball

Everyone knows that you have to keep evolving to stay in business. That doesn’t mean you change mediums; it simply is a reality that what worked last year may not work next year if it is exactly the same. But how do you know what’s going to sell? I don’t know about you, but my […]

Creating Under Duress: What’s the Difference Between Creating Because You Want To or You Have To

I love to quilt. I see something and it just inspires me to create it in fabric, to bring together different colors, textures and patterns with uneven hand-quilting to bring up details and contours. My quilts never look exactly like what I initially saw to inspire me; they take on their own identity through the […]

What is an Artist Statement and Why Do I Need One?
Facing Southeast Quilt - iKnitQuiltSew

With my new direction of applying to “better” shows came new challenges and learning opportunities. I recently completed my application to the St. George Art Festival. It included the typical personal information (name, address, medium, etc.) and pictures of my work and booth. Additionally, it required that I submit an Artist Statement and a CV/Resumé.  […]

The Truth About Working From Home

The very idea is delicious! You are going to make a living creating art and beauty from the comfort of your home. You are going to put your treasures up on the internet while still in your jammies and sipping your coffee and have all the free time in the world to take care of […]

What is your Brand?

When you see a red bulls-eye symbol what do you think of? Target? How about the golden arches? McDonald’s? How about this; have you ever referred to a copy machine as a Xerox even if it is another brand or a tissue as a Kleenex? These companies have spent billions getting you to recognize their […]

Where Do You Want To Be?

2013 is coming to a close and the New Year is upon us. For many, that means New Year resolutions in both personal life and business life. Unfortunately, many of these goals go unrealized because the job seems too overwhelming and fear sets in. So, how do you overcome this and take the first step? […]

Hobby or Business

Setting uр a small business involves a number оf formalities аnd steps tо bе followed. Prior tо setting a business, уоu need tо hаvе a business idea followed bу a marketing plan tо execute thаt idea. Thеѕе bоth aspects lay thе foundation оf a small business. A business idea ѕhоuld bе selected оn thе basis […]

HAFTeam Support Group

 The Holiday shopping season is right around the corner (as if you needed a reminder) and I am sure we could all use some motivation to get our businesses ready for this hectic time. For most of us, this is not our full time gig so we have limited time to really commit to our […]


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