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Did You Remember To sign Your Work?


Did You Remember To sign Your Work? Do you know what the number one reason is for not being able to identify a work of art? The number one answer is a missing or illegible artist’s signature. Imagine if you will hundreds of years from now maybe in a gallery store room or attic, perhaps […]

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Polymer Clay – It’s What You Do With It


By Beverley Start August 2012 Polymer clay’s sculpt-ability and low curing temperatures make it ideal for a wide variety of craft and art projects. Many people talk about giving polymer clay a try but if you’re still on the fence here’s a whole laundry list of reasons to climb down and just Go For It! […]

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Taking Your Online Store to the Street – Finding a Show


Now that you’ve determined how much you’re willing to pay for a booth fee, what your target market is, how far or if you can travel, and how much of a show you want to do, it’s time to find that perfect-fit show! There is absolutely nothing wrong with your first show being “tiny.” For […]

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I Beat those Handmade Button Blues


By Beverley Start, March 2012 I’ll be enjoying one of those afternoons where I will be cruising the internet and finding inspiration again and again, meeting new artists, and just loving the access we have these days because we’re all online. I mean, it’s such a wonderful thing that we can interact with artists across […]

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Lynn Frederickson, Seams Incredible!


By Beverley Start Saturday November 19 2011 I would like to introduce you to Lynn Frederickson, a very interesting woman and a wonderful artist. Lynn lives in Orillia Ontario and enjoys many forms of arts and crafts from knitting to gourd-carving. OK, this next part is amazing! So amazing in fact that people don’t get […]

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This Is Not A Turtle Tutorial.


A Simple Polymer Cane With Reductions By Beverley Start, Polymer clay artist October 30, 2011 What is a polymer cane? I get that question a lot, so I decided to make a short video demonstrating how a polymer cane is made from beginning to end right before your eyes!. I had to speed it up […]

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What Are Polymer Canes? How Are They Made?

Polymer Clay Canes

What are polymer canes? How are they made? By Beverley Start, Polymer Clay Artist October 14 2011 Like tubes of cookie dough with pictures in them that you can slice up into a dozen identical treats, polymer canes also have pictures or patterns running through their entire length, only they’re made from clay. Click here […]

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Featured Artist – Suzanne Stevens Creates


  My entire life has been built on a creative foundation. I’ve always enjoyed creative arts, whether in writing (which I did professionally for most of my life), painting (which I’m looking forward to taking up again), jewelry design and, occasionally, acting. I feel a life without art is not really living. Jewelry design is […]

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Featured Artist – Hoshikaze


  I’m Claire Goverts and I’ve been doing various arts and crafts as long as I can remember. I started beading back in middle school, working primarily with seed beads I even had a bead loom. When I went away to college I didn’t do any beading, I did mostly graphic art at that point […]

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