Marketing 101: Tips for Your Small Business Promotion

We artsy-crafty people do not love marketing. But it’s a necessary evil of having your own small business. It needs to be done well and often, and most of us are not good at it. The fact that we don’t necessarily enjoy it just makes it that much more difficult. But there are many lessons […]

The Power of the Press

Almost everyone today would flat out tell you that newspapers have outlived their usefulness; that no one reads ‘the paper’ anymore. If you want to read something, you simply go online. While that may be true, those newspapers are what many people are reading online. The press still has a tremendous impact and a wide […]

Self-Promotion, Advertising and Marketing – What’s Your Direction?

Wearing one of my other hats (as Chair of the Board of Trustees of a charitable foundation), I recently attended a seminar discussing marketing for non-profits, sponsored by the Utah Non-Profits Association. I was eager to learn of new ways to attract patrons to charity events and donors for our foundation. I arrived at the […]

Backlinks – DIY for SEO
Handmade Link Bracelet

I’ve been trying to spend a little time each day to learn something new about SEO (search engine optimization), tags, metatags, anything to help with getting my brand out there so people will love my shop, and more importantly, purchase from my shop. I have discovered the hard way, that when my friend, who runs […]

ProjectWonderful Tour – Low Cost Advertising That Works!
PW Featured Image

From time to time, on the boards in the Forum or at chat, the topic of advertising and promotion comes up. Invariably, I mention ProjectWonderful, and just as predictably am asked, “What’s that?” We’ve all heard over and over again that to be successful on the web, you have to put yourself out there. Promote, […]

Election Season: Lessons in Art and Marketing

It’s election season and it’s everywhere… on bus benches and vehicles; on TV and radio; in newspapers and all over the web. I think the phrase, pandemic marketing, could apply to the political rhetoric bombarding all of us. And with the recent Supreme Court decision to allow PACs (Political Action Committee) to advertise and promote […]


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