Spring is Sprung

Thanks to Larissa of Fabric of My Mind for allowing me to use her photos to illustrate my blog today.

Yellow Flower Picture

Spring has certainly sprung in Florida. I thought that the last little cold snap was going to hurt the beautiful buds I see sprouting everywhere, but alas, not enough of the cold to stand in the way of the beautiful colors that will abound here within a month or so.  The colors and beauty of the outdoors are one of the reasons I love living in Florida so much, well that and I don’t get cold very often.

How do you plan color? How do you use color? Do you have myriads of color in your home?  Does just a simple color provide you with so much inspiration that you can hardly sit still?  Well, I would like to give you my answers to those questions and hope that they, (the questions and the answers) will  provide you with a point of inspiration to begin something you have wanted to do for awhile, begin something new and untried or just get going after a long winter sleep.

First let me say, that to me, color is joy.  God has provided us with so many beautiful colors that it is nearly impossible not to feel uplifted when you see them.

Planning color, well, I do and I don’t, Baffle.  When I am deciding on paint for a wall, I just simply pick what I like and take it down a shade or two for longevity.  When I bring colors into my home, for instance in some new flower arrangement or a picture, then usually it stays where I put it when I come in the door, at least for awhile.  Pictures are not always hung on the walls, sometimes they are simply leaned against a spot that seems a little forlorn.  Flowers, well, they get moved around a lot, wherever i need a bright spot on any given day.

Pink Flower Picture

I use color for several reasons, inspiration, peace, beauty and spiritual uplifting.  Color can do all these things for me.  I love red, but I don’t use it a lot in my home, why you ask, because it makes me hungry.  Did you know that certain colors bring out certain things in us.  Yes, red makes one hungry, yellow makes us happy, green is peaceful, put them all together and I have this beauty that uplifts my spirit like nothing except prayer and praise can do.

Yes, I have tons and tons of color in my home.  I have faux flowers in nearly every corner.  I use them because I could not afford to keep the numbers of fresh flowers in my home constantly that I require.  I have huge sunflowers, Gerber daisies, simple greenery, vases, glassware, painted jars, you name it.  I don’t think there is one thing in my home save the TV that has no color in it or on it and even the TV does when it is turned on, otherwise it is just this black space that I try to close the doors on as much as possible.

White Flower PictureThen there is white.  Yes, there is white in my home, nope not ever on my walls.  Why? White walls remind me of hospitals and having white in my home reminds me, as in the saying “pure as the driven snow” , that all things come from a pure place and we should all be reminded of the purity of our passion and never let anything hinder our creations or our lives from growing into the beautiful myriad of colors that surround us.

Finally, there are some things that have little color at a first glance, but that are just simply inspiring.  Such are these photos.

Turtle Picture                                         Freedom Tower NYC

I hope you have enjoyed my color journey and that now you will endeavor to take your own.


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