Some Colors of Handmade

What is your favorite Handmade color, what color is rampant through your house or closet. Debbie from YankeeBurrowCreations had a little highlight themed challenge a while back, what’s your favorite color. Here are a few to wet your appetite for inspiration

Black Handmade Inspiration Red Handmade Inspiration
Handmade Orange Inspiration
Blue Water Handmade Inspiration Deep Water Dark Blue Inspiration

Felted Handmade ShoeSo what is your favorite? Where do you find your inspiration? Continuing to create, to come up with something different is always a challenge. Look around you! What colors are inspiring you today? Is it the light blue waters, or the deep dark blue waters of the seas? Is it black as night, or the orange of Halloween. Maybe it is the spiciness of red. Whatever your inspiration is keep creating it does the heart and soul justice.


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