Server Upgrade!

Well we have out grown our current server and it is time for an upgrade. We are scheduling moving the entire site to the new server on 2/16/2013 starting early AM EST and hopefully finishing within in a few hours. The site has quite a few files and is anticipate to only take a few hours, but there are many circumstances that could shorten or lengthen the actual time frame of the move.

This is not a small task. The good thing is we have already procured a new server that is 5 times the size and will give us some room to grow. The resources and processors on this server should also help with site performance.

You will know the site is down when you see the site maintenance message. Once the site maintenance message has been removed it will be business as usual!

Now we are not just making an upgrade, we are physically moving servers, which requires the changing of the server IP Address. So the site will be required to propagate to that IP Address before you will see the site on the new server.

Anyone who deals with DNS Propagation will tell you, it can take 2 hours or 2 days till it is done. I’m just warning everyone that you may be in one of those areas that take 2 days. My experience here on the East Coast of the USA is that DNS usually propagates faster, more in the 2 hour range.
If for some reason you keep getting the maintenance message after a few hours you may want to check here
Our current IP Address is
Our new IP address will be :
So you will be able to watch the process live! It takes DNS time to propagate because they are basically creating a cache of where all the sites are looked, this speeds up the internet. Your internet service provider does the same thing, the cache as well and may only update that every 2 days, so that could affect you as well.

Anyway, we apologize in advance for the site being down, but this is necessary for the growth of our community and we look forward to have a new shiny server 5 times the size.

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