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Resolutions! It’s Time or Is It

Pam of the BeadthingIt is that time of year when we all begin to decide on our New Year’s resolutions. At least some of us do this. My question is this, what are yours? Do you have any? Do you make them? Do you keep them? All of these questions. I have asked myself each and every year of my entire adult life. I have some, I have made some and NO, I don’t generally keep them.  They like most, fall by the wayside. Well see that photo, I vow to do that more, smile. Yep, me, smile more.

This year I am thinking, what can I resolve to do to make things different.  What can I change about myself, my products, my promotions, my whatevers?  Well, let me ask you that same question.  What are you going to resolve to do to make things better for your shop, yourself, you promotions and your whatevers?  Should we do a complete revamping of our shops? Will that make a difference if our products are the same?  Should we tweak our work to make it more attractive to others? Promote more heavily?

Wire Wrapped PendantWell here is what I think I am going to do about all the above.  First of all, I am not going to make resolutions that I probably won’t keep anyway. I am not going to try to change myself because that just won’t work anyway.  I am not dissatisfied with who I am or what I do.  What I am going to do is make every effort to provide the best customer service that I can possibly provide.  I am going to make sure that I do at least one promotion every single day of not only myself but of someone else as well.  I am going to make sure that my product is the absolute best that I can produce.  I am going to make sure that I produce more than one type of product to showcase all of my capabilities, whether it is jewelry, crochet, painting, polymer clay, whatever it is, you will soon see it out there.  I am also going to make every attempt to produce at least one thought provoking or stimulating blog each and every week.

That being said, let’s hope that my muse does not go on strike because without her, I just seem to struggle, however, I will strive to move on with or without the benefit of my muse.

There are two things on my list that I have not mentioned that I absolutely will resolve to do is to make sure that I am always there for my friends and that no matter what they will know that I love them and care for them unconditionally, and secondly that I spend more time with my prayer list and on my knees for others than I have ever been before.  

This is what I think about resolutions, how about you.

Be Blessed


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