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Handmade Quilts

Patchwork Mountain QuiltsAt Patchwork Mountain you will find stunning Handmade Quilts! Pictured Left:

Patchwork Quilt Red and Brown

Handmade Patchwork Quilt, Homemade Red and Brown Wall or Lap Quilt 52″ x 52″
The deep red and browns in this patchwork quilt would make a stunning wall quilt or lap quilt.



Handmade Quilts by Sew Different

Sew Different Blazing Stars Quilt


At Sew Different you will find A different kind of quilt shop experience. Unusual patterns and original designs and quilting techniques. From Art wall quilts to full size bed Quilts. Pictured Right:

Blazing Blueberry Stars quilt

Blazing Blueberry Stars is a great original twist on the traditional 8 pointed quilt  star often called a “Blazing Star”. While the 8 pointed stars go by many names and have many variations the stars and settings in my handmade  quilt are my own original designs. Each corner star is different often using a split star design that I devised.

A peaceful feeling of deep blues and violets with just a bit of yellow batik sizzle.



Handmade Quilt

Sand Cat Stars in Motion QuiltAt Sand Cat you will find Handmade gifts for home, baby and you.  Designed from natural fibers, vintage and recycled treasures. Contact me for custom designed products to meet your needs.  Pictured Left:

Stars in Motion

Bright stars illuminated in a black background.  This quilt can be a wall hanging or an accent throw.  The complimentary quilting creates motion and harmony. This quilt is cotton with cotton batting, a handstitched purple binding and a soft cinnamon backing.  Perfect to brighted a sun room, child’s room or use as a table quilt. 50″x50″


Written by Anne from On Fire for Handmade

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