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Self Promotion! I finally did it! After, months of looking around DIYFashion, I had the courage to answer a couple questions about my shop on and then share my story about the wonders of my Wire Crochet Braidlets. On Feb 24th, I received an email from them which read “Your contribution has been published!” With my jaw on the floor and my eyes wide open, I clicked a link…

A few seconds passed (seemed like eternity) and I read ‘Beaded Braidlets by Cari of Crochet Hooked’ and the URL address of my shop!  I almost jumped out of my skin I was so excited. I read the title and the address at least 10 more times and clicked on the link to my shop, hmmm about 50 times… ok, maybe once or twice.  There it was in black letters…

OK, before I give you the link and you run off and submit your story for promotion… which I encourage you to do for which ever shop you choose…I submitted my story for my Braidlet business as well as for KimberlyAndrew, and!

I hope this promotion effort brings a ton of traffic to as well as more handmade artists signing up to sell their creations.  Kimberly and Andrew… Thank you for the countless hours you spend promoting all of us on Handmade Artists Forum.  This is my way of promoting your handmade creation… ;o)

Now, here is the address – DIYFashion .  Just answer a few questions, upload a couple pictures, preview, and submit!  That’s it!  Now you wait for a review and an email stating ‘Your contribution has been published!’  Good Luck Everyone!

My Story – 10% off Beaded Braidlets from Crochet Hooked

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