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It's Better Handmade LogoIt’s Better Handmade (IBH) is dedicated to Artisan Success! You can promote your products for free to IBH and you work is automatically promoted to the IBH twitter account, IBH Facebook Page, and the IBH Facebook group.

Handmade is something that will last forever. It seems that the world is constantly moving fast and looking for the best deal. Mass produced and cheaply made items are taking over the market. That is why IBH is here to promote handmade artists work from all over the world. We are here to shout out at the top of our lungs, SLOW DOWN!!!! Smell the roses and buy handmade quality work that will last a lifetime.

About product submission on IBH, just go to the submit page and follow the instructions. You need to set up a free account first to be able to submit. What do you get for free? Well your post is published on IBH, tweeted on the our twitter account, posted twice in FB, posted on our sister site Promote Handmade, and Posted on Craftamania as well. All this is completely free to show our support for Handmade all over the world.

Now a quick word about post submissions, they are not automatically published on IBH, each post is reviewed by real eyes before published. We need to make sure the content is appropriate and complete before publishing. So please do not send an email saying , my post isn’t up! Be patient it will be published in turn.

Kimberly Kitchen Owner of It's Better HandmadeA bit about the owner of It’s Better Handmade, if you didn’t know her name is Kimberly Kitchen and she is also the owner of this site with her husband Andrew. Kimberly has taken IBH to a new level and opened up the site to help the handmade movement. Dedicated to getting the word out there and make handmade first and foremost in our lives. An avid painter, jewelry maker, and craft junky Kimberly is just a perfect example of what handmade means. Made with your hands, and finished with your love.

So think about Handmade first this Holiday Season and get your work seen on It’s Better Handmade!

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