Product Description meets SEO

Well you’ve decided to sell your work online and open up your Handmade Artists’ Shop, now how do you get found?

According to Clicksteam’s smarter experts, the key is to have a good title, production description, and keywords. The keywords matter a lot. For example, the number of times that the word ‘search’ has appeared might seem an overkill and be regarded superfluous. But this is nothing that a outsource search engine optimization cannot fix for you. All your product listings are searched by google and about 17 other search engines everyday and indexed. This is so potential customers can find you. So the first order of business is the title. Whatever you list as your title will become part of your Meta Title for your product. This is searchable in google and other search engines. So if you copy your title of a product you listed last week and paste it into you google you should come up with a result like this.

Now the top line is the same as your product description. The next line is the link and then the description.

When writing your product descriptions you need to make the first couple of sentences count and be very descriptive as  this is what will be in the search engine description. Otherwise known as the Meta Description, the Handmade Artists’ Shop pulls the first characters in your product description and makes that your Meta Description which is what google sees.

After the first couple of sentences which is very descriptive about your product, you then can bring your personality into it. Have a little fun here, show your potential customer a little about yourself and go into more of the particulars on your work. You should have a couple of paragraphs here about the piece.

The next piece of the puzzle is keywords. These are very important for a couple of reasons. First the HAFshop takes the keywords that you use to describe your piece and puts them in the list of search terms for the site. So you need to start really thinking like a customer here. Ask yourself, what would I search for to find this on google? Those are the words you should use. The keyword handmade is a must and should be in all of you products, but not just handmade, you should add what is handmade. Use terms like handmade jewelry, handmade quilt, handmade scarf. The term handmade in your keywords should help your product be found in the search engines. The second reason why your keywords are so important is that we take these keywords and add them to the Meta Keywords for your product. This is what the search engines see when they crawl the site. The meta keywords are used by the search engines to determine what the content is on the site. They use they to figure out what the page is trying to reflect.

Now tie it all together. You should have some of your keywords in your title and your description. Think about it this way, you tell google that the product is a necklace and they search the content on the page. Their crawlers look at the title and the description to see if that keyword is relevant. Now your title shouldn’t be 500 keywords but one should be incorporated in the title, your primary keyword the one you would search for if you were thinking like a customer. Your description is a much better place for, dare I say, keyword stuffing. Doesn’t sound too pleasant but it matters, do you have a keyword listed for your Meta Keywords that is not shown in your description? If so google will not give that keyword too much authority. Say you have a keyword of Handmade, you have it in your title once and in your description 3 times. Google will look at this and say wow, handmade is important on this page. If this keyword is not on the page anywhere else google will not think of it as important at all.

Summing up all this wonderful information, google is not a person, it is a machine. LOL Saying that I mean you need to understand that googles’ crawlers will only spend so much time on your product. Give it what it needs first. Descriptive title, but not too long 70 characters or less, give google a detailed description in the first 2 sentences, and give google quality relevant keywords.

Follow these steps and your products title, description, and keywords will help you get found on the world wide web.

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