Precious Metal Clay is Amazing

Baublezptoa Baublezptoa isĀ  one of our amazing metal clay artists on The Handmade Artists Shop, whose work is outstanding.

Some of her signature work includes the Silver paw print seriesĀ  Silver Paw in a Series of Pendants “Fine Silver Pendant made with metal clay. A Paw made in a series of more to come for the love of pets. Each one is handcrafted and has variations of design, and are large and small. This one is almost 3/4 inch by inch including bail. Finish is rustic though polished with a bit of antiquing to add contrast. I have serpentine chains, and leather neck cords with hook an eye listed and available for separate purchase. The bail on this pendant is large enough to go over most medium size clasps.”

Another one of her pieces that I love is the Silver Shattered Star

“Approximately 1 1/4 inches in diameter, this pendant is pure fine silver. It was created in a two fire process of Precious Metal Clay and is one of a kind. One type of clay was used as a base forthe prefired pieces of a several design pieces. As a result of this refiring I have a slightly cupped pendant. Believe it or not, that was the plan! After firing, the silver was burnished and treated with a patina and polished. This pendant is on an 18 inch snake chain of sterling silver.” Silver Shattered Star

Take a minute and stop by and visit her shop Baublezptoa you will not be disseminated!

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