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In recent years paypal has rather decided to give a buyer their money back regardless of the what the real situation is. Buyer’s remorse? Sure, file a claim, check item not as described, provide paypal with tracking number of buyer sending it back – and the buyer has their money back. No questions asked by Paypal.

Worst case I heard of was, someone sold a flat screen TV, buyer states not as described, gives paypal proof that the buyer has send it back via giving paypal the tracking number. Paypal don’t even cares what you receive back, you don’t even have the package back yet and buyer has their money back. This seller received a wooden board back in that package. SO……that’s a reseller case…
So this reseller had to fight for month with paypal to get his/her money back which was paid to the buyer regardless what they had send back to the seller.
Tedious….unbelievable, and really wreckless of Paypal, BUT thats how it is now with paypal.

Now talking about HANDMADE, CUSTUM MADE….
If you include these words in your description, title, tags, anywhere, paypal cannot give the buyer their money back according to their own written policies! The buyer does not qualify for a refund on custom handmade items. Also, if your buyer pays for an ONE (1) item in numerous payments, in other words makes a payment schedule, the buyer does not qualify for a refund via paypals own rules and regulations – unless your item really arrives broken and is totally not as described.

There is a reason, why I have the words handmade, custom made in my descriptions and titles.

Just a lil helper in regards to handmade, custom made….it took me a while to find paypal rules and regs, its well hidden within their site….

******************  Paypal Policy:
To qualify for PayPal Purchase Protection:
·         Use PayPal to complete your payment.
·         Pay for the item with one payment.
***Items purchased with multiple payments aren’t eligible.
Paypal Policy:
13.3 Ineligible Items. PayPal Purchase Protection only applies to PayPal payments for certain tangible, physical goods. Payments for the following are NOT eligible for reimbursement under PayPal Purchase Protection:
Custom made items
Even if your payment is not eligible for PayPal Purchase Protection, you can file a Dispute and try to resolve the issue directly with the Seller; however, PayPal will generally not find in your favor if you escalate a Dispute to a Claim for an item which is not eligible for PayPal Purchase Protection.
***************************************************Reason I know all this, I had a case 2 years ago, which was buyers remorse, a custom, handmade order, the buyer send it back, provided paypal with tracking number and they immediately took my funds away. There was no reason, no damage, she filed claim under item not as described even though had seen pictures and approved of it all.
When I received my item back, the post office had broken it, so I was out my money plus the item, which was now unsellable (is that a word).
I fought with paypal and found that they decided this case against their own rules and regulations, which I copied and pasted and held it under their own noses so to speak, and finally won and got my money back. Took 3 month for me to get my money back. If you fax documents of any kind of proof, paypal does not even look at them. My experience!I brought out the big guns, wrote to one of paypals lawers and filed a complaint with the BBB in CA, which Paypal apparently does care about and you finally hear from paypal in some form or other. They have over 6600 complaints with the BBB in CA, that tells you something.

So, in the handmade world this is important to know………


Monika of Myeuropeantouch





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