Painting with Polymer Clay

Sunday July 8 2012

By Beverley Start

For the last few months I’ve been experimenting with something I’ve been calling polymer clay painting. Personally, I have never had the patience for paint and brush. I’m not sure if it’s the way my hand has to hover above the canvas and never touch it or if it’s that I need to feel the medium with my bare fingers but whatever the reason traditional painting is not for me. Now polymer clay…this is something I can really sink my fingers into.  

It’s a lot like sculpting but it’s still a lot like painting. I usually begin with the background and cut out pieces so that I can inlay what I refer to as polymer clay fabric.  The picture to your right is a self-portrait I made of me from a picture taken in 1987ish. The one up and to the left is my latest creation. As you can see, this method allows for lots of texture, and a cool 3D effect.

The one below is more sculpture than painting but it gives a good idea of how three dimensional these pieces can be. I was always asking myself “Should I make sculptures or paintings?” I decided not to decide…

After doing an online search for “polymer clay paintings” I realized that a lot of artists are making these but one artist in particular whom I  found on Polymer Clay Daily is Marisol Ross. She incorporates glass, acrylic and other mediums into her work as well as polymer clay. Her subject of choice is “baseball” and her work is fantastic! Check it out here !!/startsarts



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