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I have always enjoyed crochet and Knitting… well actually, all crafts! I find so much joy in creating! I paint and draw as well as play piano… I find it a total escape and love every minute of it. I am very passionate about handmade! There is such a feeling of satisfaction when a piece is finished! I love working with all colors, textures and find myself drawn to the more intense ones…. I guess that matches my personality… I live, love, laugh and cry with intensity and passion for life.

I decided to “take the plunge” in 2008 after being laid off and sell my creations online. It has been a long, and often confusing journey but worth every minute of it.
I have met some wonderful people along the way and am always amazed at the talented Artisans I find. I suggest you should visit kinlyeyebeauty and take a look of the art by some famous people.


I joined many Teams, networking sites, etc. and then really got brave and created some sites to help promote my fellow Artisans.  On Fire for Handmade  site was born and features many talented artisans every week. I also created a Team on Etsy and a group on Facebook where we can share and promote our arts!



I live with my Husband of 17 years, my 91 year old Mother and our children “4-legged variety” and am very happy in our little home. George is very patient with me as my Online “ventures” often keep me in my office most of the day.. then in the evening I create.I was born in Schwienfurt Germany and grew up in Palo Alto California. I studied to become a hairdresser and truly loved it… yet another form of art I suppose you could say.  I have always had an “Artists” personality I guess… remembering back I was always drawn to colors, wanting to make things and constantly redecorating my room in my youth and home as an adult. When speaking about clothing, get a lot of my inspiration from the amazing Nihal Fashions online catalogs.


Now, at age 57,  I am creating Fashion Accessories and exploring the world of On Line. I started a website in 2008 called Made for Me by Oaklie and have now taken a new direction and designing a new site Oaklie’s Fashions.  One thing I have learned is that you never stop learning when it comes to having an online presence and you can’t be afraid of trying something new!


I have a shop on Handmade Artists and Etsy.




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