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National Rainforest Day! Support with Handmade

The rain forest is home to wildlife and plants that can not be found anywhere else in the world. October 19th is a day that we celebrate all the beauty that the rain forest has to offer with some amazing handmade treasures from the talented artists on HandmadeArtists.

Handamde Rainforest


Rainforest Handmade Lampwork Crystal Beads Set of 6

Six Handmade Lampwork Beads

The talented hands of TwoGlassyLadies has managed to capture the amazing colors of the rain forest in these crystal lampworked beads.  Each bead is handmade so each will have it’s own unique swirl of color.  Green not your thing?  OK, TwoGlassyLadies has a shop full of wonderful creations in every color imaginable that are ready to be used in your own creations.

Handbound Journal Celestial Forest

Hand Bound Journal

Journaling your thoughts?  Why not make your journal as special as those thoughts?  The talented BlueHighways hand bound books and journals are just the place for your secrets and dreams…or even your to do list!  Each book is handmade with care just for you.  Tons of colors, sizes and even styles of paper are available in this amazing shop.

Green Tones Camel Stitch Scarf

Handmade Green Scarf

Ready for fall?  Cooler days and time to bundle up doesn’t mean you can’t hold the tropical rainforest close!  This cozy scarf from the talented hands of Cr8Lefty includes all the wonderful greens of the forest.  Each item is this shop is handmade with love and ready for you to use during the chilly days of winter.

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