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National Hug a Bear Day

There is something so special about a teddy bear, especially a handmade teddy bear! So what better way to celebrate November 7; national Hug a Bear Day; than with an amazing artisan teddy bear? Our talented artists on HandmadeArtists have taken bears to a new level of special!

Handmade Teddy Bears

Handmade One of a kind Artist Teddy Bear Rose

Artist Bear

HandmadeByCarrie is an artist in the truest sense of the word.  She has created Rose, the most beautiful art bear I think I’ve ever seen, with her sweet eyes and dainty flowers, this bear will melt your heart.  HandmadeByCarrie has a number of beautiful, and hugable bears in her shop that are sure to capture an occasion.

Embroidered Peppermint Sachet Bear with Initial

Red Teddy Bear

Love peppermint?  This wonderful bear is for you!  This custom initial bear is peppermint scented and just waiting for a hug.  Individually created just for you by MooPig will surely capture your heart.  This shop is full of wonderful, fanciful, handmade creations that are sure to capture your imagination.

Buttons Bear

Button Teddy Bear

Feel silly carrying around a stuffed bear, but still want to feel that childhood safety, no problem! ForestaMentaleChiaresca has crafted a darling button bear pin that you can take anywhere!  Not into bears?  This shop is full of other darling button creations to fit any personality.

Furry Handmade Classic Toy Teddy Bear

Fuzzy Handmade Teddy Bear

Something to be said for the classics, and IKnitQuiltSew does just that with this incredibly hugable bear.  Handmade and perfect in every detail, all of her bears and just waiting to be cuddled by young and old alike.  In addition, IKnitQuiltSew makes an amazing array of baby items that are sure to become keepsakes.


So, don’t forget to grab a bear and give it a squeeze today!

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